Welcome to the Smerdiverse Episodic Campaign


The Smerdiverse is the fictional world of Smerd the p’ckit dragon whose adventures can be found in the novels and comics of author Jon Klement.

The official Smerdiverse webpage can be found at http://www.smerdiverse.com.

On his multi-state convention circuit, including the monthly events of the Gaming Enforcement Agency in Fenton, MO, author Jon Klement runs the Mutants & Masterminds system set in the world of the Smerdiverse. This is known as the Smerdiverse Game Day Campaign. A secondary campaign, known as the Episodic Campaign is run by Jon out of his apartment and at other venues on a catch-as-catch-can basis.

There is currently a regular meeting of the campaign in Warrenton, MO. Send a message to Jonklement here at Obsidian Portal for more info if you are interested in attending.

The Smerdiverse is a world of costumed heroes, many of whom have sidekicks known as p’ckit dragons.

In addition to the Obsidian Portal Wiki you can find here by clicking on the “Wiki” tab above, Friend of the Smerdiverse, Richard Vollmer, has launched an official Smerdiverse Wiki at http://smerdiverse.wikia.com

The Smerdiverse Episodic Campaign